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Filloy E, Rojano T, Puig L.  2010.  Of the Arithmetic-Algebraic Nature of Word Problems and of Solution Strategies. North American Chapter of the International Group for the Pscyhology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA XXXII). VI:234-242.
Filloy E, Rojano T, Solares A.  2010.  Problems Dealing With Unknown Quantities and Two Different Levels of Representing Unknowns. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. 41(1):55-80.
Rojano T, Filloy E, Solares A.  2008.  Cognitive Tendencies and Generating Meaning in the Acquisition of Algebraic Substitution and Comparision Methods. In Figueras, O & Sepúlveda, A. (Eds). Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of the 32nd Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, and the XX North American Chapter. Morelia, Michoacán, México: PME.. PDF icon Research_Reports,_vol._3-02.pdf (160.64 KB)
Filloy E, Rojano T, Puig L.  2008.  Educational Algebra. A Theoretical and Empirical Approach. PDF icon Educational Algebra.pdf (4.35 MB)
Filloy E, Puig L, Rojano T.  2008.  El estudio teórico-local del desarrollo de competencias algebraicas. Enseñanza de las Ciencias. 24(5):327-342.PDF icon Estudio Teórico Local (1).pdf (458.97 KB)
Filloy E, Rojano T.  2007.  Sentido (lógico) Numérico y Resolución de Problemas Aritmético-Algebraicos. Investigaciones en Educación Matemática: Pensamiento Numérico. (E. Castro y J.L. Lupiáñez, Eds.) . :303-324.