Dialogs with Prometheus: Intelligent support for teaching mathematics

TítuloDialogs with Prometheus: Intelligent support for teaching mathematics
Tipo de publicaciónConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2012
AutoresRojano T, Abreu J L
Conference NameDemonstration of Constructionist Media, Constructionism
Date Published2012
Conference LocationAtenas, Grecia
Palabras clavedialog window in a microworld, Feedback intelligent system

Dialogs with Prometheus includes an intelligent support based on natural language dialogues between the system and the user in order to feed the latter's ideas and actions back into a specific microworld. With this tool it is possible to simultaneously display on a computer screen a chat window and a microworld window, both of which are dynamically hot-linked to each other. The complex interaction between the learner and the two windows may be applied in several specialized ways like using the microworld window only as visual feeback to the chat, or by provinding the learner with text feedback relevant to what he/she is doing in the microworld. For the prototypes developed so far, we have resorted to the experience of research carried out using a variety of digital learning environments. The latter, with the intention to recreate the constuctionist character of actions and related learning activities that enable those settings.